USPS postage rate changes

Effective January 27th, 2019 there will be a USPS postage rate change. Stamps will go up to .55 cents but customers that use a postage meter will pay only .50 cents for a one ounce First Class Letter!


For more information on the USPS postage rate changes please click here USPS Rate Changes


Instructions on how to update your rates on your FP equipment can be found here:



Viewing and downloading brochures

All of our online brochures require a PDF file viewing program. If you unable to view them you can download a free viewer from Adobe. Or if you would prefer to have them emailed in another format or to receive them by fax or mail please contact us.


USPS Plan for Secure Postage Meter Technology

Over a decade ago the US Postal Service initiated a mandated meter migration plan that transitioned the installed base of meters from certain technology demonstrated to be susceptible to tampering, counterfeit or misuse to available technology offering enhanced security. This process was completed in four phases with the last one, Phase IV, being completed as of December 31st, 2008. All of our meters that are currently available meet USPS requirements.


User manuals and operation guides

If you are a current customer in need of a new machine manual please let us know and we will gladly send or email you a free copy. Please also remember we are here to personally assist you, and if you have a need for new user training or additional support we can stop at your office free of charge to answer any questions you may have.


Service or maintenance on your equipment

In the event that your equipment is in need of service please contact us at (414) 462-1140 or by email at  One of our factory trained representatives will assist you and if needed schedule a service call to have your machine running properly and to your satisfaction.


Assistance with resetting your meter

If you require assistance with resetting your meter, need an account balance, or would like to sign up for our Direct Debit which allows you to reset your meter without mailing in checks for postage please let us know. Direct Debit is highly recommended for it's convenience and safety, and best of all there are no additional fees for that service. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Additional information

If you are in need of further information that is not listed, or if you have additional questions regarding our company, postal regulations, or mailing technology please let us know and we will provide the answers to you.


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