Ultimail Systems

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These models are no longer available. Please see our PostBase for the newest in technology.


Ideal for midsized company mail centers. Ultimail is available in both semi and fully automatic models. Ultimail - a more efficient, less expensive way to mail.


Ultimail 65 The integrated sealing system combined with either a semi or fully automatic feeder makes this one of our most popular systems. 


Ultimail 95 is fully automatic. Stack your mail and the Ultimail 95 will automatically feed, seal, stamp, and eject your mail at even a greater speed than our Ultimail 65.


Utilizing the latest technology, this easy to use system provides a host of features targeted to enhance productivity associated with mail production. An easy to operate mailing machine with soft touch keys and clear LCD display.


Weigh, seal, and meter your mail quickly and easily all while tracking expenses in 1 to 50 accounts, or easily integrate with one of our software packages for unlimited reporting and accounting options.


For extra security these systems can be programmed to work with an electronic key card, allowing you complete control over access and use. Two free cards are included.


The Ultimail meets all  USPS security and operational standards.


We would love to offer you a demonstration so you can see how our Ultimail systems could be a benefit to your mail center. Please call us today to set an appointment.


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